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  Dakrua was formed in the fall of September 95 by Alessandro Buono (guitar), Davide San Giovanni (drums), and Alessandro Vannicelli (ex-second guitar), as an attempt to create an original mix of powerful metal and gothic melodies.
   The band (originally known as Opera Omnia) grew in strenght and stability with the entry of William Quattrone (bass and vocals) in 1996, and Marco Locascio (keyboards) in 1997.
   After the release of '98 Promo (which granted to the band the deal with Scarlet and a good response from the metal media and public ), the band fixed the line-up with Eva Rondinelli, an extraordinary voice far from the usual gothic singers.
   AlessandroVannicelli (second guitar) was fired in April 99 for incompatibility with the band.
   The musical background of Dakrua ranges from classic metal masters as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to the 70 progressive, and from technical death-metal acts like Death and Dark Tranquillity to the doom of Anathema and Cathedral, all tainted by the violet veil of the Dark-wave.
   The essence of Dakrua is the dynamic nature of their music, granted by the pounding rhytmic section and the heavy riffs, enriched with the atmosphere created by the keys and the versatile vocal melodies, in opposition to the static nature of standard gothic acts.
No soap-opera attitude... DAKRUA bleeds music!